Sport, Art & Culture


Sometimes you have to go all in – no risk, no fun!

With us, you can become part of great cultural events, like the Rio carnival (which you probably have dreamt of) and surprising celebrations, like the Tuareski Festival au désert in Mali (which you may have never heard of).

Get off the bleachers, jump to the field and blend in with the wild crowd; let yourself be carried away and feel the shivers all over your body – that’s how entering a different world tastes!

The unique events to which we invite customers also have a sporting character, such as Erijn Gurwan Naadam in Mongolia comprising three traditional sports of this country. We involve participants, often after the preparatory period. Together, we challenge each other and build an unbelievable team spirit!

Sport, Art & Culture Incentive – through strong experiences you can recreate yourself, and discover a side you never knew existed