Change the rules of the game


We live through emotions – they are the heart of the trip! But techniques for building engagement and surprise are quite different. We deliver them to clients in the * Bespoke style – using films, TV series and books we create original and detailed travel scripts. It’s more than an agenda with attractions.

Incentive StoryTelling participants set off into the unknown – time, place and twists are known only to us. Moments of horror intertwined with spontaneous delight and joy. Sometimes mixed with bits of intense emotion and reflection. We are the heroes of a novel with a soul that will unfold in front of your eyes.

We focus on sustainable tourism and respect for nature. We meet native communities with humility. We don’t rush, we don’t count – we’ll give you the time to connect with people and deepen the relationships.
So if you are looking for something new and want to invite employees or partners to an adventure outside the visible landscape, then Incentive StoryTelling is for you. It won’t be just an ordinary trip