Once in a lifetime


Forget about tourist attractions, there is no sightseeing program here. Maybe there won’t even be a hotel. Everything is subordinated to the experience to which we will prepare together and which will unite us. A great journey does not have to involve exploring the country on a mobile basis.

Examples? Here you are! We work with Austrian Wim Hof ​​method trainers to teach body temperature and control unconditional breathing. All you need is a few trainings and fun experiences to enter the first stage of initiation and immerse yourself in the depths of an alpine lake among glacier-covered peaks. We are camping in the forest in the autumn edition.

Experience Incentive 2.0 – is also a deep immersion into the inspirational lifestyles of a foreign culture. For example: in this formula you won’t go fishing with Indonesian island fishermen after breakfast – you will live like one of them for a week: work, talk, laugh and play in the rhythm of their nights and days. And in accordance with their rules. You will leave your life for a few days.