Our programs are based on 4 pillars:

1. Discover Poland with exceptional people

You can experience, taste and have fun with people who do it best in the world. You will meet celebrities that will introduce you to their unique world – sailing, making craft beers, climbing or antique cars – see for yourself!

2. Real Experiences

„Go big or go home”- you tell us what you want to experience and we will arrange a unique trip plan – you get to know, learn and push your boundaries. We don’t know the word “impossible” – anything can happen : )

3. Eco & Lux

We will bypass ordinary restaurants and hotels. We want to focus on local hospitality and nature. Let us take you on an adventure – we can wander barefoot through a mossy path. Reward yourself, appreciate every moment and relax by drinking Polish wine from an old monastery – let this moment last forever!

4. Fun, fun, fun!

Evening entertainment arranged in various forms – blissful meadows, industrial roofs, empty beaches or secret clubs in the most interesting places in Poland. You will meet not only folk musicians, but also the best contemporary sounds – lights, music, start!